Receive models as early as next day with our architectural 3D printing service. Get an instant onscreen quote and we’ll make your last minute deadlines. Choose our draft materials for producing large buildings / scenes or print in a high detail plastic for a striking surface finish that makes your work pop.

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Next Day Printing

Receive parts as soon as the next day for orders before 12 pm. We do our part to reduce lead times in what can usually be a lengthy process.

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Large format

From 1:10000 to 1:10 scale. We have the facilities to produce large models and cityscapes. 

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By providing a reliable 3D printing service with high-level order traceability, we've built many loyal relationships with our clients.


Our architecture materials

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Choose Resin for a smooth surface finish and crisp details. This is our favourite material for architecture models as we can combine clear, frosted and opaque finishes to create a concice visual guide to your design.

Colours: White, Black, Grey, Clear
Finishes: Standard Matte, Transparent

SLS Nylon

Complex structures are no issue for our SLS nylon service. We can create intricate details without supports. Building strong, long lasting models. 

Colours: White, Carbon Black
Finishes: Standard, Rumble Polished

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General Purpose Plastics 

PLA is the perfect material for draft models or large scale printing. Using this material we can produce quick prototypes, large format models, topographical terrains and cityscapes. (100% recycled and biodegradable)

Colours: White, Black, Grey, Custom


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Highlight details

Stamos Yeoh Architects

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Clear materials


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Cityscape plugs

Stamos Yeoh Architects

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large models

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