Go from prototyping to production without lifting a finger. Our 3D printed batch manufacturing service offers an afforable alternative to overseas injection moulding with many added benefits. Using our high quality PA2200 Nylon you can get thousands of quality parts, in less than 2 days. 

why use our volume printing service?



Get thousands of parts delivered in 1-3 days. A lot better than the 6-8 weeks lead time from overseas.



Don't let tooling dictate how you release your product. Production meets your requirements, even if the design changes regularly.



with no tooling, 3D People's batch production can help you overcome large overheads and investments required for traditional manufacturing.



Our Volume Print Technology

With 3D People's EOS SLS 3D Printing (SLS) technology, we're the best choice for manufacturing plastic components at volume. With strong, durable and reliable PA2200 we have the material for a wide range of applications. 

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