Are there discounts for Students?

Yes, we do offer 25% discount to students.

Please send us an email to from your student email address and we will set you up with a student account

Are there size limitations?

Build volumes vary dependant on the printing technology. You can find more information in our design guide

Dependant on the design, both General Purpose Plastics (FDM) and High Detailed Resin (SLA) require support material. These supports are printed at the same time as the part and are positioned as to have minimal effect on the surface quality. Please see guide for removing support marks.

High Detail Resin (SLA)

General Purpose Plastics (FDM)

What is support material?


If we have not carried out any processing then cancellation may be possible free of charge. If we have started to produce the model or we have started repairing your mesh then cancellation may incur a charge. Please email as soon as possible if you need to cancel.

Can I cancel once I have placed my order?

You can upload STL, OBJ or STEP files, these are the standard files used in the 3D printing industry.

Note: As STL files don’t contain information on what measurement unit was used to create the model, it is important that you know which measurement unit your 3D program uses in mm, cm or inches, before you export it.

Once you’re done with the export, you can upload a 3D design for printing and specify the measurement units in mm, cm or inches within the file uploader.

Which file types can I upload?

Yes we offer a file fixing service. We will tell you if your file is broken and how much it will cost to repair it for high quality 3D Printing.

Can you repair files?

We offer a full CAD design service and can create 3D files from descriptions, drawings and reference images. Our CAD design service starts at £100+VAT. Please submit an enquiry with your project details, hopes, dreams and desires, and we will get back to you with a quote.

I don’t have a 3D computer model, can you still give me a price?

Yes, you can. We do not 3D print or distribute copies of customer’s designs unless these have been requested by the customer, and we will sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) if required.

For signing an NDA, please submit an enquiry describing your project and the NDA requirement.

Can I 3D print proprietary, confidential designs under NDA?

You can learn about our 3D printing materials on our materials page

If you are unsure of what material to use, submit an enquiry with your project details and we can advise a suitable material.

What material should I pick for my project?

When you upload your 3D design for printing, we check each file for holes (non-manifold geometry) before production. This initial check is to ensure that your model is a so-called solid mesh – a model where all the edges of the polygons that build up the model are connected to one-another (manifold geometry). We also look out for issues with the design and will get back to you if any amendments are necessary.

Nevertheless, we highly recommend ensuring that your file meets the basic design requirements for 3D printing beforehand. If you’re unsure, visit our guide for detailed information.

Is my 3D design suitable for printing?

Yes, we automatically attach VAT invoices to your order receipt after payment is completed.

can I get a VAT invoice for my order?

We have a minimum part charge which may apply to small parts on smaller orders. The minimum part charge is to cover the cleaning process as it’s very time consuming to hand clean very small things.

Do you have a minimum charge?

We offer discount on orders that have large quantities of the same part. Ask us to give you a quantity pricing breakdown on the file upload page.

Are there discounts for batch production runs?