With our jewellery 3D printing service you can receive parts as early as next day. Get an instant on-screen quote and speed up your jewellery making process. Cast directly into precious metals or print in a high detail plastic designed for making crisp moulds and intricate prototypes.

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Next Day Printing


Receive parts as soon as the next day for orders before 12 pm. We do our part to reduce lead times in what can usually be a lengthy process.

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ultra precise

Using laser precision of 25 microns (half a human hair), we can create accurate parts with an extremely high level of detail. Check out our Design Guide for more information.

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By providing a reliable 3D printing service with high-level order traceability, we've built many loyal relationships with our clients.



Our Jewellery Materials

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Our high detail wax material is a castable resin specifically optimised for fine jewellery. Accurately replicate fine details down to 0.05mm and achieve smooth surfaces directly from the print. The opaque material allows for better visual inspection and is less brittle than traditional wax 3D prints. 

Use one of our recommended casting houses or follow our detailed casting guide and burnout curve.



Our resin materials are a great alternative to wax if you need to print masters or prototypes. Use resin to capture the same high level detail and surface finish for half the price. This makes it perfect for creating intricate jewellery prototypes or crisp masters to be used in a cold moulding process.

Colours: White, Black, Grey, Clear
Finishes: Standard Matte, Transparent

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organic forms

Meng Zhang

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not just wax

Shengyi Chen

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Large pieces

Yichen Dong

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highly complex

Xiaonan Zhang

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Moving parts

Emma Cahill

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thin features

Sunny Chai




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